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Bishop G.L. Evans II


Bishop G.L. Evans II is the youngest of 3 blessed children born to Bishop Gerald L. Evans and Sister Lillian C. Evans. 


After receiving Christ at a very early age,Bishop Evans accepted the calling to preach and soon began his evangelistic ministry carrying this great gospel across this country both the spoken Word and the music ministry.

Bishop Evans is a licensed ordained Elder in The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World as well as The World Christian Fellowship Assemblies of God. B Evans presently serves as Co Pastor of The Pentecostal Keys to the Kingdom In Massillon. Elder Evans formally served as Assistant Pastor At Calvary Cathedral of Praise from 1995 to 2003 under Bishop Jeff Caldwell. Elder Evans served as Minister of Music for Livingstone Apostolic Church under Bishop Ralph Byrd Jr. from 2003 to 2007.

While in college and being blessed with the gift of music and playing by ear he took his gifts and formed the G.L. Evans II Ministry Production.


Under The G.L. Evans II Ministry Production He Is The Founder and Visionary of The UNITY GOSPEL EXPLOSION celebrating its 15th Anniversary in 2011. And is the host of the Devoted Gospel Show now aired on WNPQ 95.9 FM. Throughout the years, his lyrical skills, song writing and musicianship have opened doors that allowed him to become well acquainted with many prominent gospel singers, such as; Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Bobby Jones, John P, Kee just to name a few.


Elder Evans has become a recording artist, song writer for Tyscott Records as well as playing and writing for many choirs, groups and soloist such as the , Inspirational Voices of Praise and late Rev James Moore while being his care taker from 1997 to 2000. He currently works with

•           The Singing Wonders

•           The Voices Of Unity

•           Heart Beat Africa

•           Elec Simmon  & Friends

And His Recording Group The Body of Christ.



Bishop G.L. Evans II is the Co Pastor of Pentecostal Keys to the Kingdom,  he is the host Devoted Gospel Show now aired on WNPQ 95.9 FM and the Founder and Visionary of the Unity Gospel Explosion celebrating 15 years of existence.


 Bishop  Evans had a Vision to bring together different denominations to join together in one unity fellowship service in which he formed the Unity Gospel Explosion with in that service the Unity Mass Choir was formed made up of area choirs groups and soloist.  After enjoying the great fellowship and the mighty move of God, Bishop Evans decide to put together a smaller group together to continue the fellowship and continue to lift up the Name of Jesus in song and Praise. G.L. Evans & The Body of Christ has been in assistance for 15 years and although the faces may change the mission remains the same to show the world that where there is Unity There is Strength In the Name of Jesus.


Throughout the years, God has used his lyrical skills, song writing and musicianship to opened doors, which has allowed him to become gospel recording artist and song writer which has also put him on major plat forms such as TBN. G.L. Evans & The Body of Christ has opened up for some well known gospel recording artist such as John P. Kee, Cheryly Murdock, Bobby Jones, and Grammy Award winner Moses Tyson, just to name a few.  Bishop G.L. Evans  partnered up with Bishop C. Shawn Tyson in releasing the first of many to come Unity Gospel Explosion Volume 1 in November of 2011 Featuring The Body of Christ.




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