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Bishop Gerald Evans is the founder of MP 2020  a praise movement gaining momentum through out several cities. Bishop Evans and his ministry team continue to develop a culture of true praise and worship  with youth . MP 2020  culture’s attempts to make life simple and easier have resulted in the busiest generation in history—even so, it’s also reported to be the most bored and passive generation in history? The new normal for raising kids is teaching them that everything is a choice—before they can even talk! Do you want the red cup or the blue cup? Do you want chicken or pizza? Do you want milk or juice? So, of course, the first time these babies don’t get a say in the matter, they have a meltdown! They’ve been trained to insist on their way in every situation.

A decade or so later, we have a stream of young teenagers entering our ministries that believe they are captains of their own ships and queens of their own castles. If they don’t like something, then they’re over it. If they don’t feel like doing something, they find something else to do. If they get a text they don’t like, they avoid it. If it’s hard work, well, there had better be a good incentive. Most teenagers…

• struggle to engage in deep relationships,
• have a hard time with conflict resolution,
• are weak face-to-face communicators,
• lack discipline, and
• are unable to slow down in life.

Millennial's  do not want to be told how to praise  they desire  to express themselves in worship freely .

MP 2020  provides and environment for them to worship freely  and gain more  depth, and focus in a spiritual  relationship.

If you think you can keep your teenagers entertained better than the rest of their culture, forget it! Your youth have more than enough content to fill a lifetime. But what none of these distractions can give them, MP 2020 can. A Real  free praise experience . Nothing substitutes for the love and care of a real human being. Jesus reminded us that nothing is greater than love. He created us for community and formed us for friendship. There’s not a youth on the planet who doesn’t need to be loved, seen, welcomed, encouraged, challenged, built up, and prayed-for.

No matter how bored or passive your youth seem to be, your hands-on commitment to them is never wasted. In a hands-off world, everything matters—all the phone calls, texts, trips to games or activities, outings, prayers, lunch runs, crisis interventions, and hang-out times. Believe it or not, your youth will remember these human interventions into their stories their whole lives.

The word worship literally means “worth-ship.” Show your group what Jesus is worth.MP 2020  Introduces youth   to his beauty. Every third Sunday  of the month .

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